For many Americans age 50 and older, a single event – a lost job, a health crisis, the loss of a spouse or partner – can quickly lead to catastrophic circumstances on many fronts. We don’t want anyone to have to choose between eating and keeping the lights on or seeking medical care. That’s why AARP Foundation has identified four interrelated priority areas where we can have the greatest impact: hunger, income, housing, and isolation. This work is supported by a longstanding commitment to legal advocacy on behalf of older Americans everywhere.

AARP Foundation is also working side-by-side with hardworking, trusted organizations in communities across the nation. These organizations are doing a heroic job of helping struggling Americans, but with the numbers of people in crisis growing every day, it’s a challenge to reach everyone and ensure that those who need support know where to find it. AARP Foundation has a powerful multiplier effect for much-needed programs and services, so we can reach more people and make resources go further.