For students, opportunity starts with having a home

By Lily Eskelsen García, President of the National Education Association One of my favorite photos is of the students...

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Opportunity Starts at Home campaign introduces the “Opportunity Roundtable”

The Opportunity Starts at Home campaign held a multi-sector event on May 10 in Washington D.C. to officially introduce its “Opportunity...

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Opportunity Roundtable

What is the Opportunity Roundtable? The Opportunity Roundtable is a new initiative which enables the Opportunity Starts at Home...

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Opportunity Starts at Home Newsletter (May 2018)

May 2018 What is Opportunity Starts at Home? The Opportunity Starts at Home campaign is a longterm, dynamic, multi-sector...

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FRAC Chat: Opportunity Starts at Home

By Jim Weill | FRAC President The Food Research & Action Center (FRAC) has joined with a diverse group...

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Child Watch® Column: Child Opportunity and Stability Starts at Home

By Marian Wright Edelman Fifty years ago this week the Civil Rights Act of 1968, also known as the...

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Anti-hunger advocates ARE housing advocates

“Severely cost-burdened renters are 23 percent more likely than those with less severe burdens to face difficulty purchasing food....

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A Stable, Affordable Home is a Prescription for Good Health

By: Dr. Megan Sandel, Principal Investigator, Children’s HealthWatch As a doctor, I know that a stable, affordable home is...

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Opportunities for Latino Families Start at Home

  By: UnidosUS For the last 50 years, UnidosUS has worked to empower Latinos to contribute to our nation’s...

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What is Opportunity Starts at Home?

Housing affordability is central to other national priorities, like health care, economic growth, food security, education, civil rights, and...

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Opportunity Starts at Home. Our Advocacy Starts Now.

By: The National Alliance to End Homelessness The Opportunity Starts at Home campaign is a long-term effort. Its strategy...

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It’s Time to Broaden the Affordable Housing Movement

By Mike Koprowski, Campaign Director for Opportunity Starts at Home  A safe, decent, affordable home is a foundation of opportunity,...

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Recruit New Voices

Chances are high that if you’re reading this website, you’re already in the housing sector.   But the point...

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Add Affordable Housing to Your Organization’s Priorities

(If You Haven’t Done So Already)

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Housing Affordability Challenges

Unaffordable homes drive poor people deeper into poverty and limits their chances of climbing out of poverty.

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Broadening the Movement: A Multi-Sector Response

Let's expand the stakeholders, network and coalition that make up the movement for affordable homes.

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Policy Agenda

Federal housing policies play a critical role. The federal government fills a role that nothing else can fill. For example, housing assistance raised 4 million people out of poverty in 2012...

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Campaign Goals

The goals of the Opportunity Starts at Home campaign are to advance federal housing solutions that: Bridge the growing...

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Stable, Affordable Housing Drives Stronger Student Outcomes

Education advocates ARE housing advocates. Educators know that student achievement is maximized when students can go home to stable,...

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Good Housing is Good Health

We all want a good, affordable home in a strong neighborhood.

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Criminal Justice and Housing

Ending Housing Discrimination is the “Unfinished Business” of Civil Rights

Racial inequities are deeply rooted in housing segregation.

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Affordable Housing Enables Moving to Opportunity

Affordable housing enables moving to opportunity, which improves long-term life outcomes Economic mobility and anti-poverty advocates ARE housing advocates....

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Housing Investments Spark Economic Stimulus and Job Creation

Housing investments spark economic stimulus and job creation Economic productivity advocates ARE housing advocates. Investments in affordable housing are...

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Anti-homelessness Advocates ARE Housing Advocates

Access to affordable housing increases stability for vulnerable households and helps avert homelessness. Significant bodies of research show that...

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People with Criminal Records Encounter Many Housing Obstacles

People with prior records encounter many housing obstacles. Criminal justice reformers ARE housing advocates.  Individuals transitioning out of the...

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The Affordable Housing Need for Veterans is Large

Veterans advocates ARE housing advocates.

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Civil Rights & Housing

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Education & Housing

Veterans & Housing

1 in 4 renter households cannot afford the rent

Most market homes remain out of reach for renters.

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