On March 22, Zero to Three released a brief on the impact of the eviction moratorium on babies. The brief explores the greater risk of eviction faced by families with children, developmental impacts of housing instability and homelessness, which people are covered by the moratorium, and what needs to be done to keep babies housed. The brief calls on Congress to immediately extend, expand, strengthen, and enforce the eviction moratorium through the duration of the public health crisis

“Even pre-pandemic, it has been shown that households with children face a higher risk of eviction than households without children. One study found that a one percent increase in the percentage of children in a neighborhood is associated with a 6.5 percent increase in the number of evictions. In a time where families across the nation are struggling to meet their most basic needs – like keeping a roof over their heads, purchasing diapers, nutritious food, and paying for utilities – these facts are especially disturbing. An extended, expanded, and enforced moratorium is sorely needed for overburdened and under-resourced families.”

What Does the Eviction Moratorium Mean for Babies ZTT

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