On April 21, the campaign sent a letter to Congress urging them to reject any proposal to cut domestic spending, including investments in affordable housing and homelessness, or cut housing benefits by imposing artificial time limits, work requirements, or rent increases. It is unacceptable to balance the federal budget by slashing programs that help the lowest-income households survive. Signatories included 31 leading national organizations from an array of sectors, such as Catholic Health Association of the United States, CenterLink: The Community of LGBT Centers. Maternal Mental Health Leadership Alliance, Poverty & Race Research Action Council, National Education Association, UnidosUS, and more.

Research clearly shows that investments to make housing more affordable generate multiplying returns across many sectors. Stable, affordable housing options located in neighborhoods of opportunity are associated with better educational outcomes, better physical and mental health outcomes, lower healthcare expenditures, greater food security, stronger upward economic mobility and growth, greater racial and gender equity, fewer encounters with the criminal legal system, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and more. Unfortunately, years of underinvestment in affordable housing solutions have contributed to our current housing crisis. For example, although it is well documented that housing vouchers and other rental assistance are highly effective at addressing homelessness and housing instability, reducing domestic violence, and improving other outcomes, 3 in 4 people eligible for rental assistance do not receive it due to inadequate funding.

Read the campaign’s letter to Congressional Leadership below:

OSAH Budget Cuts Sign-on Letter - April 21 2023

To download, click here.