Education Advocates are Housing Advocates: New Issue Brief, Survey, and Podcast

The campaign released a new issue brief, survey, and podcast on the connection between educational outcomes and housing. These resources are aimed at deepening the understanding of advocates and policymakers about the connection between student achievement and housing stability. Issue Brief: The issue brief explores three primary channels in which housing influences educational attainment. These […]

For students, opportunity starts with having a home

By Lily Eskelsen García, President of the National Education Association One of my favorite photos is of the students I taught at a homeless shelter in Salt Lake City. I will never forget the day one of the kids returned to the shelter after his family found affordable housing. He was so excited to tell […]

Stable, Affordable Housing Drives Stronger Student Outcomes

Education advocates ARE housing advocates. Educators know that student achievement is maximized when students can go home to stable, affordable housing. Stable, Affordable Housing Drives Stronger Student Outcomes. “Low-income children in affordable housing score better on cognitive development tests than those in unaffordable housing (Newman & Holupka, 2015). Researchers suggest that is partly because parents […]