For many Americans age 50 and older, a single event – a lost job, a health crisis, the loss of a spouse or partner – can quickly lead to catastrophic circumstances on many fronts. We don’t want anyone to have to choose between eating and keeping the lights on or seeking medical care. That’s why […]

Butler Family Fund

Alleviating Poverty, Making a Difference Butler Family Fund envisions a world where members of society do not have to choose between housing and food, and where everyone can have faith in the justice system. Butler Family Fund focuses on the inequities of homelessness and the criminal justice system. Butler Family Fund invests in organizations, partnerships, […]

Funders for Housing and Opportunity

Funders for Housing and Opportunity (FHO) is a cross-sector, non-partisan, national funder collaborative with a shared vision: That all renters, regardless of income, can afford safe, stable housing in communities that support better health, economic mobility, and educational achievement. FHO believes that a stable home is so much more than a commodity. Housing is a […]