Child Anti-Poverty and Housing

Child Anti-Poverty Advocates ARE Housing Advocates

Research shows that housing is foundational to many outcomes for children including physical and cognitive development, success in school, leading healthy lives, and safety.

Affordable Housing Lifts Children and Their Families Out of Poverty.

Poverty and overcrowded housing are often experienced by children simultaneously. When this happens, there is an increased likelihood of early mortality. Crowded housing disproportionately impacts families of color, with 26.9 percent of Hispanic and 26.8 percent of American Indian/Alaskan Native infants and toddlers living in crowded housing. Both are nearly twice the rate of the national average of 15.2 percent (ZERO TO THREE, 2023).

If fully funded, the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program would provide an estimated 6.4 million people—including 2.5 million children, with enough additional support to have their families’ resources rise above the poverty level. The poverty rate would decline by 13% overall and by 23% for children (Urban Institute, 2023).

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