Seniors & Housing

“Caught in the vise between their fixed, lower incomes and steadily rising costs for rental housing, low-income seniors are facing unsustainable rent burdens, paying ever higher percentages of their meager incomes on housing.  This untenable situation causes life-threatening stress and leads to people having to choose between paying rent, eating, or buying medications—while also increasing the risk they will be forced onto the streets.” – Justice in Aging

"Older adults are at the center of our nation’s housing affordability and homelessness crisis, as our nation’s population is aging and income inequality continues to grow, especially for older adults of color."

"Older adult renters are more likely to spend a large share of their income on rent than the population as a whole, and these rental cost burdens place them at increased risk of housing instability and homelessness. Due to discrimination and higher rates of poverty, Black and Latinx older renters are more likely than white older renters to have insufficient income and few assets as they enter retirement. Decades of disinvestment in affordable housing at the federal level and rising rental costs in communities across the nation have also led to a diminishing supply of affordable housing1 for older adult renters."

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