Blog: Healthcare Providers Must Elevate the Housing/Health Connection

By: Patricia Martin, D.O. Since my first month as a family physician in Washington, D.C. about two years ago, I have cared for a gentleman (Mr. B) with diabetes.  He has a Master’s degree in theology, a car, health insurance, an impeccable understanding of his own medical conditions, and an enviable gift for poetry which he […] Good Housing Is Needed For Good Health

According to The National Center for Health in Public Housing, over 2 million residents live in public housing across the country.  Public housing was initially developed to offer safe, decent rental homes for the lowest income households – roughly 36% of public housing households include someone with disabilities; 37% are children; and 16% are seniors.  […]

A Stable, Affordable Home is a Prescription for Good Health

By: Dr. Megan Sandel, Principal Investigator, Children’s HealthWatch As a doctor, I know that a stable, affordable home is a prescription for good health. This was recently instilled by my work at the GROW Clinic at Boston Medical Center, which takes care of kids underweight for their age. One of my patients at age 2 […]

Good Housing is Good Health

Health care advocates ARE housing advocates. Quality affordable housing can be a “vaccine” which prevents long-term health problems and promotes healthy, productive lives. We all want a good, affordable home in a strong neighborhood. Good housing is good health.  But when a family’s housing situation is unaffordable and unstable, chances to lead a healthy life […]