In only 5% of all U.S. counties can a full-time minimum-wage worker afford a one-bedroom rental home at fair market rent

National Low Income Housing Coalition, Out of Reach 2020

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Opportunity Starts at Home

Campaign Vision

The nation’s historically marginalized households and those with the lowest incomes live in safe, accessible, affordable homes in neighborhoods that are free from discrimination and where everyone has equitable opportunities to thrive.

Campaign Mission

Build a movement with stakeholders from many sectors to generate widespread support for federal policies that correct long-standing racial inequities and economic injustices by ensuring quality housing for people with low incomes.

Long Term Goal

“Through federal housing policies that expand resources and correct long-standing structural and racial inequities, we will ensure that people with the lowest incomes can afford a good home, which adds to their quality of life through better health, greater educational attainment, and stronger earnings.”

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